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Bentley Navigation

On Fri, 30 May 1997 at 14:59:31 "Antilles Engineering, Ltd."
<Antilles@madriver.com> wrote:

>Dear Quattrophiles,
>Now that I have 14 pounds of Bentley to cuddle up with in bed, I feel that
>can now ask intelligent-stupid questions (rather than my usual
>stupid-stupid questions.)
>I am in search of the elusive "Temperature regulating flap cable" shown on
>87.37, Fig. 2, and am also stalking the wild "Feedback poteniometer" shown
>on page 87.12, Fig 3.  I presume that I take off the plastic lid that
>covers the area of the dash right aft of the firewall, I'll find both of
>them lurking in there.  True or otherwise?
>Remember those wonderful "exploded views" they used to show in Motor
>That's what Bentley needs, only about the size of a bed sheet that one
>could fold out and tack to the bedroom ceiling for after-hours study.
>1990 200 tqs (Which the Audi Gods are presently smiling upon.)
>1990 200 tqw (with icicles on the steering wheel  due to 
>	channel 1, error code 15).

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	I don't have the manual at home to check (it stays at work) but from the
description you give, and from the year of your car, I believe that you
have neither of these items. They were replaced on the 100/200 w/digital
climate control by a combined flap motor/feedback potentiometer that lives
on the left side of the climate control housing. Remove the wiper arms, the
black plastic cover you referred to, and the wiper motor/linkage assembly.
You'll find a small plastic cover, about 2x3 in. The motor/potentiometer
lives (or dies, frequently) behind there.
	If it's any help, to diagnose this, compare the readouts on control head
channels 8 & 9 at both temperature extremes. They should move together,
more or less. If the don't you either need a new motor/potentiometer, or
have a stuck flap. The former is far more likely than the later.
	Hope this helps...
88 80Q
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