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Re: ABS, differential indicators

Did some one put you up to this.  I have the answer to only one question 
about Audi's and you asked it.  Here is what I think might be going on.  
When you turn the dial to engage the diff lock it sends a signal to a 
switch which does two things, (1) it turns on the indicator light letting 
you know the diff is locked and (2) it disengages the ABS system and then 
that light comes on letting you know that the ABS has been disengaged.  
On my car, a 1988 5000tqcs, there was a bent heat shield which was 
hitting this switch and causing it to do the above things.  The diff was 
not locked, although the light was on, and the ABS was disengaged.  	
	Not often I get to help the list.  Thanks for your question.
	Berthann Mulieri

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Thomas J. Lett wrote:

> Does anyone know why my 'antilock off' indicator stays on in the dash panel?
> If I push the button it still stays on. I don't know if the ABS is on or off.
> Also, my differential lock light stays on (the light between the front
> seats). Both conditions are after starting the car.
> 1988 AUDI 90Q----RED but SLOW.