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A4 wheels and body kits

Is anybody running 17" wheels on their A4q?  If so, can you post or
email the exact size and offset of the wheels?  As far as tires go, from
what I can see a 225/45/17 would most closely match the oe overall
diameter.  If you're running someting different would you post the tire
size, too?  Lastly, have you had any clearance problems running this
combo?  Stock ride height or lowered...  I'd be interested in hearing
about potential problems in either case.

Lately, I've noticed a growing number of aftermarket body mods for the
A4.  In this months ec, there were a number of Abt kits for the A4
advertised...  I think it was in the Advanced Motor Sport ad.  Anyway,
I'd be interested in seeing some pics of some A4s with such mods.  If
someone can point me to any URLs I'd really appreciate it.

If you must ask, I've started to think seriously about springing for a
new A4q, but I want to do a lot of homework before jumping in.  My 87
4kq has been a very fun and totally reliable car for the last 10+ years,
but the lack of aftermarket "go fast" and "look good" parts has made me
very cautious.


Mark Hilbush
Baltimore, MD
87 4kq

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
        -- Albert Einstein