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S4 1994 Avant..faults...help?

Hi everybody, hope some of you can help me with the following errors on
my car. It's now due for the final repair before my warranty runs out so
I need a second opinion son some things:

1. My AC compressor wan't start; at the last service they got a error
message from the computer that the regulator to the main airvalve in the
heater system was faulty. Question: Can this error make the AC not start
for safety in case of airblocking or something like that?

2. My BOSE Gamma CD is working OK but the radio is making a very high
frequency beep all the time, plus the radio almost doesn't receive
anything. The dealer proposes to change the antennafoot on the roof. Any

3. The turbo preassure is a little to low 1.9, but there are no leaks
and no oilpuffing from the exhaust; what else could be smart to check? I
was thinking about the spring/membrane in the wastegate (amateur

4. Is there anything else I should check before end of warranty except
for the things they do at the dealers?

Anyway, I'm greatful for any theories submitted to me by e-mail, you can
mail directly to spare the other readers if you think that's smart.

Best regards,
Morten Astrup Steen, StrÝtvetveien 15, N-3014 Drammen, Norway
Homephone:(+47) 32 83 12 93      Work phone:(+47) 67 13 30 65
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