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NEQ Driver / Safety Event - Watkins Glen NY

Hi All,

Starting on July 13, 14 and 15/ 1997 The NorthEast Region Audi Quattro
Club USA will be hosting a Driver Safety School event at Watkins Glen.

This is NOT a Race Drivers School. The purpose of this school is to
simply help improve your driving skills and awareness, as to how your
vehicle handles.

SAFETY throughout the entire event is of the utmost importance.
Participant conduct will be monitored during the duration of the school
by Instructors, corner workers and Club officials. Infractions of the
rules will not be tolerated.

The event (14th & 15th) are two day combination classroom and hands-on
schools designed to hone your driving skills.

You must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver's license.

Your car must be able to pass the mandatory tech inspection on Sunday
(13th) prior to the event. Just prior to attending the event have your
car checked out by a competent mechanic (eg. have the rotors, pads,
master cylinder and entire braking system checked etc,). If your car
fails the Tech Inspection, on Sunday, you will not be allowed to
participate and no refunds will be given. Once you register you will
receive a TECH FORM so you can have your car fully prepared.

Each driver must fill out a seperate registration form even if they will
be sharing the same car. Additionally you must be a member or pay a $40
membership fee if you are not. The registration fee for this event is
$300 and there will be no refunds after July 8, 1997.

If you are interested in registering for this event please contact Art
Mayhew, NEQ Club P.O. Box 156, Salisbury Center, NY 13454 for the
registration forms and the availability of a drivers slot. DO NOT SEND
you can get from Art). 

This is NOT a RACE DRIVERS SCHOOL and this event is filling fast.

Thank you for your interest.

Bob W. B>}
NEQ http://www.netaxis.com/~zcritter/director.html