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Re: NEQ Driver / Safety Event - Watkins Glen NY

zcritter@netaxis.com said:

>Starting on July 13, 14 and 15/ 1997 The NorthEast Region Audi Quattro
>Club USA will be hosting a Driver Safety School event at Watkins Glen.
>This is NOT a Race Drivers School. The purpose of this school is to
>simply help improve your driving skills and awareness, as to how your
>vehicle handles.
>SAFETY throughout the entire event is of the utmost importance.
>Participant conduct will be monitored during the duration of the school
>by Instructors, corner workers and Club officials. Infractions of the
>rules will not be tolerated.

The instructors that spin and put cars up on guard rails will be 
monitoring the event.......  right.  If infractions of the ruels will not 
be permitted better get alot of instructors.......


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ WAY too many toys
Trans-am/Sportscar Chassis Engineer
St. Louis, MO