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1986 5000s Parts

     Well the 1986 5000s is history and here are the parts that are 
     available.  If you need anything, e-mail me back!
     Exterior Parts:
        Rear Tail Light Assemblies
        Left (driver's side) Bumper Turn Indicator 
        Center Front Bumper Chrome Trim Piece 
        Left Front Bumper Chrome Trim Piece (drivers side)
        Left Rear Bumper Chrome Trim Piece (drivers side)
        Door Handles (All)
     A/C System:
        Condensor (Nippondenso)
        Compressor (Showa)
        Electronic Climate Control (ECC)
     Cooling System:
        Radiator Fan
        Expansion Tank
     Fuel System:
        Fuel Distributor
        Fuel Pump
        Fule Level Sensor
        Cold Start Valve
        Control Unit for KE-Jetronic Fuel Injection System
        Relay Carrier and Assorted Relays
        Fusebox Relays
        Transistorized Coil Ignition Control Unit
        Main Control Unit for Auto-Check System 
        Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly
        Power Mirror Assembly (L & R)
        Power Window Motors and Regulators (FL, FR, RL, RR) 
        Central Locking System Pump Motor
        Window Switches
        Instrument Panel