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86 Treser Super 5000 (Audi 5ktq) for sale.

For Sale:
1986 Audi/Treser Super 5000 Turbo Quattro, all powers, black leather
interior, including recaro type 
power front seats, spoilers/sideskirts/flared fenders, 17 inch Treser wheels
(actually metric size, approx.
17 inches), extra set of MSW type 55 15 inch wheels w/Yokohama AVIDs (both
new in November), Treser suspension
mods (swaybar, springs, etc), smoked taillights, lots more. 
Body in decent shape - one ding in the driver's side fender, other small
ones,some paint chipping. Car runs fine, can drive it anywhere. All of the
usual things - bomb, doorhandles, hoses, programmer, etc. - have been
replaced. Mileage is 142.6K. 
I need to sell it soon. Best offer over $2000 drives it away. Car is in
Philadelphia, PA. For more information call me at 215 996 2426 days, 215 247
1227 evenings and weekends.

Thanks in advance,

Ben Baldridge