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Color Matching, Silver Wheels

Re: the siver colored wheels on this 87 5K.  The car body color is Zermatt
Silver.  The wheel color looks the same.  Are they really?
I see in the Imparts catalog they advertise Wurth Spray LAcquer, and say
it's an excellent match for OEM German wheels like BBS and Ronal.  

My wheels and wheel covers need some TLC and I wonder if I should go to the
Audi Dealer for a can of spray paint in Zermatt Silver, or is this actually
a different color from the wheel manufacturer.  
Maybe the Wurth product would be just as good, or maybe better.

I also want to paint the spoked Ronal wheels for the 86 4KQ.
I've looked closely at some of the silver Ronal wheels and it appears that
the silver color varies, some seem to have a gold or bronze shade to them.

On a related note...if I replace a body part with one from another Zermatt
Silver car, assuming both cars have the original paint, what are the
chances it will be a good color match?

Dave Conner
David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS,  '89 100E, '86 4KCSQ