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Coils of fire

	Couple of points:

	1.  Love this coil-over debate.  Has anyone noticed the subtle
change in the posts?  Post me privately if you think you have caught
it--first person to get it right gets a six-pack from almost anywhere in
the world.

	2.  Regarding the use of the word "engineer".  There would be
nothing to prevent me from answering the phone "Bruce Aukerman, engineer;
Ph.D; Pope; Brain surgeon; etc."  Where you run into trouble is when you
hold yourself out as something you are not and seek to earn money doing
it; ie.,  Bruce Aukerman, M.D.---and then I provide medical treatment or
advice, now I gots a problem.  Both civil and crim., btw.  Oh, cops don't
like to be teased with different names--pretty good idea to give them the
name that is found on the license and reg.  

	3.  On the coil-over debate.  Other than packaging, why is it used
on some race cars, not on others?  Thinking here of the Riley-Scott
designed race cars which do not use coil-overs *anymore*.  At one time
used them, then went back to the "old" design of parts being seperate.
Just wondering.

	Dr. Bruce -- a big fan of Dr. John's [but he ain't no real