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Re: A4 Avant 1.8t (Dream car?)

Peter Henriksen wrote:
> My current dream car is a 1.8Tq Avant...
> - peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa

	Jeez Peter! Don't set your sights so high!

              (please insert happy sarcastic smiley face ;-)

    _____    _____________   ________________________________________
    ALLAN    ampj@tiac.net      '86 COMMEMORATIVE DESIGN COUPE GT
                              169K and sitting in many, many pieces
    JONES    Burlington MA   with bumper, timing, & valve covers off!
    _____    _____________   ________________________________________

p.s.    I just won a court case! I just won a court case! I just won a
court case!! Nah nah na na nah!
	Well, actually my lawyer just won the case. But still...Yippee!! Some
serious stuff too....passing across double yellow, speeding, and other
even_more politically incorrect violations!  ;-)
	...Yeah Baeeybee!!