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Re: Coils of fire

Graydon Stuckey said:

>I have seen a couple R-S cars up close, and talked to couple 
>techs/engineers who worked on them.   R-S takes great pains to make their 
>cars simple to work on, and simple to build.   In the real racing world, 
>that can mean 5 different shock changes in a test session instead of 
>three.   That can make the difference between winning and losing 
>sometimes.   Right Eric?

That's true but the real reason that the R-S cars seperate the dampers 
from the springs is two fold.

1) No shaft bind on the damper

2) the Reiley Rocker......  Wonderfull little invention.  For those that 
want more info on what it does beside's win races e-mail me.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO