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Audi Posters and Flags

In message <199706030905.CAA64674@rho.ben2.ucla.edu> Michael Williams writes:

> I am wondering if anyone knows a source where i can get a few audi 
> posters and flags.  Doesnt really matter what is on the flags, but 
> hopefully a poster from a rally showing the S1....later all

There are a number of posters available, though some of them are quite 
expensive as a consequence of the quality.
The standard "S1 cutaway" poster is GBP7 including local postage, as is the A1 
Now let's try a new trick.  I'm told (though not reliably, since he told me 
himself) that the chairman of the UK quattro Owners Club, who also holds the 
stocks of posters and really _does_ know what's available, now has an _email_ 
How long before we can get him on the list - or at least the digest?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club