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My letter in support of Brian Siegel and his 200TQ..LETS ALL HELP HIM!!!

Here is an email I sent to Bruce Mohl of the Boston Globe who is looking at
Brian's case against Liberty Mutual 
(more info at http://members.aol.com/audi200tq/index.html).  The rest of the
list needs to come to Brian's aide here and write similar letters to Bruce
and to Liberty Mutual Insuance Co. and encourage Bruce to report on Brian's
behalf to the failure of Liberty Mutual's responsibility to Brian and his

Dear Bruce,
I am writing you to show my support for Brian Siegel and his experience with
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in regard to his 1990 Audi 200 Quattro and
to encourage you to take up his story in your paper.  Brian is a member of
our newsgroup that consists of Audi owners across the nation.  Our newsgroup
members are all people who are interested in providing the best care and
maintenance for their Audi regardless of age.  Brain has been updating our
group from the day of the accident as to his progress and the treatment he is
receiving from Liberty Mutual.  And we all wish to voice our support of his
insurance companies complete failure to provide the service which he pays
them for.
    Insurance companies are full of contradictions, they take in large
amounts of our income on the basis to protect us from financial distress in
the event of an accident, yet they make money by not paying out claims that
we have to our policies.  Brian is caught in this catch-22 of Liberty Mutual
trying not to fulfill their obligation of protecting him in the event of an
accident and returning his health and his vehicle to their prior condition.
 And when an insurance company fails to do so, they are counting on the
policy holder not to be a lawyer and accept what the adjuster offers just to
avoid having to go through the process of retaining a lawyer and waiting
months and years for the case to be settled.  
     So, what other alternative do these peolpe have?  People like yourself
who can provide the means of bringing the deserved attention to the situation
and have the power of preventing these companies from treating us all in the
same regard.  I hope you take the time to investigate this case for yourself
and help someone who isn't a professional adjuster, lawyer, and mechanic from
being abused and taken advantage of by a company who does employ a
professional adjuster, lawyer, and mechanic. 

Thank You,

Christian J. Long