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Audi reliability

Wendell Gurley
06/03/97 08:43 AM

You should look up factual evidence on reliability.  Many on the list own
Audi's from a time period of questionable reliability, and with mileages
that would be beyond consideration for most consumers.  From experience and
product testing, I can also attest to the fact that Japanese vehicles have
good assembly quality, but durability and servicablitiy is not always as
good.  And it does vary considerably by manufacturer.  As far as VW is
concerned, their vehicles are not even close to the build quality or
reliability of Audis.

 >I must sympathize with the large-body Audi owners as to their
>reliability and quirks.  I've seen my share of plain weirdness out of
>these cars in my shop, and am very thankful to have an expert Audi tech
>to sort it all out for my customers.  I have been very fortunate with my
>4kcsq '87, it has never left me stranded.
 >One last comment, VW is not a bad way to go towards a compromise
>between german durability and japanese reliability.  My wife's vr6 is
>superb in both respects.
>Later Corb