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RE: Brown smoke coming from center vents.

> The drain(s) which handle condensation from the A/C evaporator
> can easily become clogged. Does the blower motor sound change
> during these events? If so, the water may be sloshing into the fan.
> Use a long, stiff wire to open up the drains from their exit points
> underneath the car if the symptoms fit this scenario.
> [snip]
> I have found another, somewhat more chemical approach to this problem
> with other cars I have owned.  If your car is equipped with a rubber
> hose that drains the condensation out of the firewall (most cars do.)
> You can turn that hose to face up (towards the hood of the car).  Use
> a small paper cup to pour generous amounts of plain household bleach
> into the opening.  The bleach will very effectively disolve the growth
> (aka slime) that tends to build up in the moist enviroment.
> After 15 minutes or so, turn the hose down towards the ground again.
> I will then drain.  Retreat if needed.  Effects tend to last much
> longer than the coat hanger method.  (No offense intended)  :~)
> Jim Holloway
> jholloway@njaost.ml.com