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when is an audi not an audi?

when it's a vw of course....

the latest autocar has a picture of the passat v6 synchro with, you guessed it,
an audi v6 (longitudional) and quattro.

also an article about how mr peitch wants to set vw after mercedes, while audi
is to take on bmw.  consequently vw are developing a 400hp v12 based around 2
vr6 units and about 6 litres (70hp/l).  apparently the (quad) cams are driven
from the rear of the block via chains.  same article says that the audi w12 has
been canned because of cost.  vw will develop a car based around the a8 to take
the (longitudinal) v12, a 4.7l v8 and a 4l v8 diesel.  the good news is that
audi will concentrate on drivers cars with 'leading edge technology' to take on

vw are also said to be looking at gt1 racing and taking on mercedes there while
audi is to go the high (tech) road and go with f1.

not sure vw is up to this to be honest....

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q