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More fuel filter questions...'91 200q

Another question:  I compared the fuel filter presently in my '91 200q (P/N 0
450 904 133) with a fuel filter for an '86 4000csq (P/N 0 450 905 143) as
well as the filter provided by a vender (P/N 0 450 905 601).  All are Bosch,
all the same size and composition.  The 4000q filter has a fitting screwed in
on the outlet side; the new filter has a fitting screwed in on the inlet
side, and the present filter doesn't have a fitting.  The fittings appear to
be to adapt the filter to the fuel fittings in use.  The 4000q filter and the
provided filter are not identical inside; the provided filter looks to be
mostly empty from the outlet side (can't see past the fitting on the inlet
side), while the 4000q filter has a metal disk with holes and white filter
media (cloth? or fiber) on the outlet side, and a black piece just inside the
inlet side (I took off the fitting to look inside).  I didn't look inside the
current filter as it is still on the car, and full of gasoline.    So, are
these filters all the same, or do the insides vary by car engine etc?  Last
bit:  the provided filter is newer than the 4000q filter, which I've had for
at least 3 years.  The two filters are also both made in Spain, while the one
on the car seems to be original and expected to be German.  Any thoughts?
 How can I confirm what parts are interchangeable (at least for filters...)

Thanks, Chris Miller