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Re: fuel injectors (-10sp)

Thanks for info Dave, I really don't have the option of going to a fuel
injection specialist here on Guam, believe it or not it would be cheaper
for me to replace all the injectors vice bringing it to a shop. I'm going
go ahead and replace the cold start valve first and see what happens, I was
quoted $68 for one. Is it possible that this valve can be stuck open thus
flooding th engine with more fuel than needed? if the valve is not the 
problem, then I'll go ahead and replace the injectors and seals. I was also
quoted $57 ea for the injector, $1 ea for seal.

90 200T

> >1. How can you isolate a faulty fuel injector?
> Take them out, take them to a FI specialist and have them tested for
> pattern and leakage.
> >2. How do you know if your cold start valve is bad?
> Same deal.
> >1. Hesitating startup. 2. Carbon fouled plugs 3. Heavy black soot
> on exhaust
> Try running a can of Super Concentrated FI cleaner through first (change
> after). Follow directions - add to gas and THEN add gas to dilute...
> The Bentley gives good testing procedures, but without the right tools
> are literally playing with fire...
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