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Re: New Automobile Mag

George S Achorn III wrote:
>         I got the new Automobile Magazine and in it was some Audi news. There was
> another confirmation of the possible US plant, and the other was an update
> on the Porsche SUV. They are still looking for a partner and Audi could be
> one-T

Sorry about this guys, but this list may be a good place for me to look.
	This reminded me of the article across the page - the one on the
computer racing simulation games. I have been looking for someone to try
to race over the modem, but I have a slow(14.4) one and don't know if it
will work. Is there any lister in the Boston area(617) that could race
me in Indy Car II, just curious..no big deal.
	Thanks and sorry for the non-Audi BW!
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