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FS: 17" wheel/tire combo

I have a complete set of 17x 8.5" Borbet Type C's with ET30 offset for sale
along with mounted and balanced Continental Sport Contacts (the new version
out this year) in size 245/40ZR17.   The combo looks awesome on an S4 and the
wheel can also be seen in the latest VW/Audi Car mag on a Black URQ w/ 360hp.
  The wheels are in excellent shape with only a few minor scratches and the
tires have only been used for 1000 miles.  The wheels run close to $1100 new
and the tires were $800 with the road hazard warranty from Discount Tire
Direct (I'm not sure if the hazard warranty is transferrable) .  Anyways, the
set came off my 94 S4 which was lowered with Eibach/Bilstein kit and will fit
all S4/S6s and I believe it will also work on the 91 200TQs and possibly the
V8s or A4s (but the only car they have been put on is an S4).  I'm asking
$1400 for the set (you pay the shipping from Denver, CO).  Why am I selling??
good ??, I'd keep em but just had a newborn and the wife thinks the ride is
too stiff for her taste, so I'm going to go with a set of slightly used
sp8000s in size 235/45 on 17x8 ET30 OZ Monte Carlos I came across.  I like
the handling better of the Conti 245/40s but the Dunlops 234/45 gives me
another 1/2 inch of rubber (25.3"  diameter as opposed to 24.7") and a softer
ride, so if I can keep a 17'' setup and make the little lady and jr. happy
then that's the way it'll be.  Also, if your interested in the wheels and
tires separately let me know (wheels = $850, tires = $550).  
Marc Weiner
EMail: KWeiner64@aol.com 
Tel: (303) 320-4975
P.S. I have some photos of the car with the wheels mounted that I can mail
out to interested parties, but I have no way to scan for email purposes.