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Re: The coils have sprung....

rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU said:

>	Well.....to sum up this coilover thread, all I can say is that it started
>as a "mine is bigger than yours" contest which I attempted to turn into
>something I and others may find useful.  BUT, the feeling I get is that
>since I am not some sort of suspension "engineer" and just a lowly
>college student trying to learn a few things, I am not worthy of direct
>answers from the master, what was that(?), trans-am chassis engineer?
>Instead, I received pages of responses telling me how unqualified I am to
>discuss the topic and that I shouldn't bother until I have Experience...
>Well, I was hoping to gain something from this thread from someone
>supposedly more "experienced" than myself...I made a poor assumption of
>the possibility that Mr. Fletcher would add a little insight rather than
>a slurry of "it causes lots of problems" statements...  I apologize to
>Eric if he takes this as 
>bashing, it is not, I am just frusturated.  Furthermore, I apologize to
>Eric if he took my
>questioning as an attack on his knowledge or know-how.  One day, I hope to
>see this "knowledge" firsthand, until then I will go bump-steering around
>in my lil' ol' 90q..............

First I never thought that it was a mines bigger than your contest.  I 
was just correcting bad information.  It's unfortunate that you thought 
that I was not giving you direct answer's, I was...  I was also trying to 
keep them short.  My "pages of responses" kept saying one thing, "Get a 
base knowledge so that you will be able to understand what I'm telling 
you"  There are several books that will give you a good base of 
knowledge, most notably written by Allen Stainforth.  It will give you a 
foundation but it won't make you a "post Grad" like some other like to 
claim.  But to tell the truth when I'm repeaditly told "I don't have a 
bump steer problem, your wrong" When I know that you do (it's a geometery 
thing, can't get around it) I tend to dismiss anything else you have to 
say because "You know better"

I never took anything that you said as an attack, I'm comfortable enough 
in my knowledge that it does'nt bother me.

One other thing though, The person on a race team responsible for the 
suspension setup is the "Chassis Engineer" and the best of the best in 
Indycar Mo Nunn never even graduated high school.......


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ WAY too many toys
Trans-am/Sportscar Chassis Engineer
St. Louis, MO