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Er, uh, hey, the coils have sprung.... a leak - Long

Though Eric is correct in his "by definition" of your bumpsteer problem, I
might temper that with the fact that his is a me too argument, so given the
"how bad" is it, you didn't do a wrong "compromise" in your btdt
"experience."  Technical terminology and "experience" are relative.  Eric has
said already that he HASN'T put a coil over in an audi, so there YOU have
more experience than he.  Compromises you have accepted, however, relative to
"other" audi lap times and other kits (his included), I'd say you are either
one really good driving talent, or you put the compromises to good work, and
got more than acceptable results than Eric is giving you credit.  And yes
folks, I drove Brendan's car at the track.  Some proper struts, and that
thing will be really right.

"Send me your results," and techno talk are just that.  The resume reference
of all that talk and "dead nuts" computer program is, and has culminated in a
well sold "kit" from the lister.  It has compromises in it, grand ones, btdt.
 None addressed here, my questions continue to be ignored on the specifics
(camber, spacers, "custom" springs/shox).  Sending me to the books, btdt, and
it was more than enlightening.  Interesting to note that, altho the design of
the 5ktq coil-over kit has NO coil bind, nor has it been seen or driven by
the claimed "Engineer", so much can be so wrong with the execution.  And my
Experience, from stock to Sachs to a stock EF kit, a modified EF kit, to a
coil over kit, helps me make the claims I make, by definition, experience.
And that's only on the cars I own/ed.   I might ask a more specific technical
question, since answers seem to be homework and experience.  The 3 5ktq kits
that I reference that exist today, DO NOT have a coil bind problem (fact -
witnessed by several riders), addressed by "real" custom parts.  A quick
measure of the diam of the stock strut housing and using a 2.5 in diam
spring, really makes this quite an ignorant discovery.  Since one claims
Experience and Engineering in his title, maybe he can explain how silly,
wrong goofy, non understanding, inexperienced ME, got it to NOT happen. And
the same design kit rides on one car at 2.5 inches down, the other AT and
above stock ride height, and both don't bind and have performance beyond all
currently available kits. Eric?

Using a larger dia spring to indicate that coil bind has been eliminated,
means the Engineer took the easy route to make his suspension, also means the
spring is not compressing uniformly or without sideload, same argument, it
would bind, by definition, it's just wound large enough not to.  ON the
rears:  Arguing to Brendan that you "don't need coil overs to do that" and "I
did it differently," based on my experience of this claimants reference kit,
indicates one might be spending too much time on the R-R in NATCC and not
enough where the bread and butter is at home.  All this is ME too stuff.
 Putting specific spacers in a "kit" gives less adjustability (and adds more
cost, btdt in a vendor post) than putting a threaded finitely adjustable
collar in the rear.  Not sure I'm clear how I don't understand what I'm
doing, when it's the SAME thing?  Some might even argue BETTER, Eric even did
in his post.  Front and esp Rear coil overs can be had for LESS than the
Eric's marketed price of 1300USD, and I challenge, based on more than just my
execution and experience, that a proper coil over will do donuts around that
kit, subjectively on the street, and objectively on the track.  Carl
volunteered the beast this morning for my reference.  Since it has a STOCK
RS2 in it, it should be fairly easy for the ceramic braked "2B" with it's new
PWM pads, RSR turbo ("a Ned Ritchie Turbo, blows the RS2 into the weeds")
 Suspension Engineer (SP) with all that "experience" to prove his point. At
the ready, a qclub event prolly best, but membership required.  Happy to let
a 3rd party negotiate the track and rules.

Sorry that I won't accept the "falling" rate argument either, that is
misleading and without substance.  Eibach would be interested as well, so
they can correct a few of their misleading technical brochures that are found
in many racer supply catalogs that even real racers order from.

The young laddie Brendan has been "spoofed" and misdirected by his naivitee.
 Helping educate means putting your balls on the line.  I welcome anyone to
stand me corrected with the same formulas and homework that brought about the
coil overs on the 5ktq.  Resume won't do it, or more specifically here, is
not enough, I drove and still do one of those references from time to time.
 It has specific problems that shouldn't plague it, it can be improved,
btdt2, in fact, I offered the simple rear design to the vendor over a year
ago, so that the "new" buyers could enjoy it's benefits, and EF it's bottom
line cost savings.  No interest?  Alrighty-then.

This thread needs an end.  Randall, we have had many discussions on theory
and model testing methods.  Maybe one for track vs street of a couple of
different q executions might be more appropriate than techno mumble and
ruffled feathers all round.  

The response to Brendan to date is marketing 101, there are workbooks that
WALK you thru all the mumbo jumbo recited here, simply and very straight
forward.  None claim Quantum Physics in the "system requirements" section, in
fact several give you refreshers on doing basic algebra and trig.  Education
you won't (obviously Brendan) get here.  Heck, even me, Emeritus Infirmed
figgrd improvement to the Cum Louders kit.  How could that be?  I won't claim
ANY credentials, definitely LOTS of experience, especially and specifically
to audis.   Lots of web sites popping up too, that can help you as well.
  Eric won't talk to you without the education, so best get it.  No shell
game necessary.  Get and "hit" the books, there are a plethora of them.  

Brendan, keep your head up, this is an exercise in laughing at testosterone
and ego, not all facts, Engineering, OR Experience.  I heartily join you and
your dobermann ("Good boy, Ackermann") mascot in celebration of a laugh from
Ignorance University, graduates cum laude.  My boss says it best, "when it's
in the name, chances are it's just not close" 

Scott Justusson, S.O.B.
"Audi Chassis Engineer, Emeritus, Emerods Eminentia Infirmity" - hence
dropped, never "comfortable" with the consequenses of the title  :)
'87 5ktqw
'84 Urq