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Presentation at VAG importer/NL

Hi all,

On the invitation of a VAG mechanic friend I spent the evening in the
beautiful building of the Dutch VW/Audi importer. Occasion was the annual
dealer presentation of aftermarket accessories, with lots of nice and
clever goodies on show. Of course I'd taken my camera along, and shot half
a film of new Audis. A beautiful A4 Avant 1.8Tq (yes, it exists- I sat in
it!) lowered, with spoiler kit- in RS blue, a beautiful dark metallic
purple S8, lots of new A6es, and a zero-km 20v UrQ (anthracite metallic) in
the centre of the showroom. Wow! Audi heaven! The VW showroom had a new
Passat Variant (wagon) as a centrepiece- a very useful, yet elegant car.
The show was very nicely done, too, and lots of champagne and good food
were available. All in all a very enjoyable evening... pics will be
developed soon and available for anyone interested.

Slightly intoxicated,

1988 80 1.8S with an irritating squeal near the left rear wheel (brake shoe
replacement time, methinks...)

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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