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Re: Wheel Cleaner

I concur that the Quicksilver wheel cleaner is amazing. I used it on
my BBS wheels-the best way to get those puppies clean. But it is
weird-you MUST spray off within 30 sec to a minute. If you leave it
on, it seems to dry up prior to doing it's thing. If you spray it on a
wet wheel, it doesn't seem to do anything.

On the FUCHS wheels, I was warned that the andodizing is very
sensitive so I have switched to a new product from Zymol. It is
amazing stuff. You wet the wheels down first, then apply this "good
smelling" product. Let it sit for a while, then work away the brake
dust/dirt with the supplied brush. Then hose off. Truly works terrific
on the relatively flat surface of the fuchs and doesn't seem to be
hurting the finish. I got this stuff at Target, I believe.

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