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Re: Champion P and Audi?

>Does anyone know about this firm, which also deals with Alfa Romeos,
>apparently.  In the latest C and D they run a 959 against a Turbo S and they
>have the cars parked out front of the dealership...Where is this place?

Champion Porsche/Audi is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.  This is
in Broward county, just north of Ft. Lauderdale.  This is the dealer
my family has used for the past dozen years or so, and my father just
bought his A4 1.8tq from. 

They have a nice high barbed-wire fence, behind which sits a long row of
Audis and Porsches, taunting and tempting all who pass by.  I've seen
as many as 15-20 Audis at a time, and as few as 5-6.

One time I was in there, and they had a BEAUTIFUL A4 quattro prepped for
racing, painted in the silver and red Audi Sport colors, with huge wheels
and a big dent in front of the left rear wheel.  They also have a shop on
the side of the main showroom (they also added an Audi-only showroom a year
or two ago) where they do all their racing work, and a big tractor-trailer
they use to haul the cars to the events.

After dealing with Jim Ellis Audi in Atlanta and Charles Maund Audi here
in Austin, Texas, I would rate it the best of the three dealerships.
They are pricey, but at least they know what they are looking for, and
have done a pretty good job getting parts for our family's Coupes.

The Audi salesman there used to own a FWD Audi 80, and now drives a FWD
'97 A4 1.8t manual.  I am always pleased to see someone drive what they

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