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Coolant Warning problem

Hi folks,
   Last summer, I replaced my blower motor. I made extensive use of Frank
Bauers and Eric Fletcher's advise on the subject. At completetion I was
experiencing a "check coolant" condition on the diagnostic screen. It turned
out that I had left one of the hoses unclamped and that I was slowly leaking
coolant. I was rather surprised at the sensitivity of the system to a small
coolant leak.
   This summer, I'm experiencing the same thing again. I believe that I have a
very small coolant leak somewhere in the system. I noticed that I had a very
small drip if my car is left parked for several days. However, I only saw this
    when I changed my oil yesterday (mobil 1 for the first time BTW) I looked
for a leak but couldn't find it. Any ideas of where to start? 
    I've got a bad upper IC hose right now, but it's patched until I can get a
 hold of a Samco hose. The patch seems to be holding. Could the IC hose be the
cause of the warning symbol? 
    The warning symbol comes and goes.. after I changed my oil, it didn't light
for most of the day. Sometimes, it lights for 10 minutes then goes away for
quite a while.. then comes back. 
    Any ideas of where to start? My thermo-sensor looked dry. Thanks guys and
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (160K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY

BTW, I'd consider leaving the car parked for a few days to try to find the
leak.. but I need it to get to class daily now.