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RE: Electric Demand Charger

> It seems as though these guys are targeting this product at large 
> diesel engines primarily ... and it is fairly pricey.  I'd think 
> that $1800 would buy you a whole bunch more with another approach.  
> You could probably get a belt driven supercharger and have enough
> left over for nitrous with that!  ;-) Now, my engineering degree is
> in a field totally unrelated to this one, so I'd appreciate hearing
> the options, pros & cons, etc on this ...
> [Holloway, James (NJAOST)]  Continuing this point...
> I had a friend who had purchased a Toyota MR2 Supercharged!  Very
> limited addition.  The nice thing about this car is that it operated
> as a reserve boost, not full time.  Seemed to engage like a AC
> compressor. I believe this was done based on throttle position but not
> sure.  Nice concept, especially to prevent killing fuel economy all
> the time.  Does anyone know if a product similar to this is available
> aftermarket now?
> Jim Holloway
> jholloway@njaost.ml.com