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Re: 200 vs. M5

>I would just like to say that in spite of my comments, I love audis to their
>full extent.  I do not believe, however, that every audi is necessarily the
>best car in the world, and I accept the fact in owning an audi that while it
>may be very good or superior in some traits, it lacks in others just as
>cars do.  While this may sound like I am willing to disregard audis as
>performance vehicles, I am not.  The simple truth is that some cars are
>better in some areas than other cars.  There can not be one everything car,
>no matter the price, there will always be comprimises.  That is life.>>>

This list is nationalistic, as other list marques tend to be as well.  That
sometimes clouds reality.  BMW has consistently raised the standard by which
performance cars need to compare themselves.  Since the early M cars in fact.
 Now, the 540iM, the M3, the 740 set standards again, and "catchup" rules.
 The fact that most of us run, tweek, console, and improve "our" marques.
 Don't let nationalism cloud reality.  No apologies necessary, btdt.