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	In what can only be described as a perplexing ad for his coil-over
kit, my friend Scott sez:

	>>>>...your doberman ("Good boy, Ackerman") mascot in celebration
	of a laugh from Ignorance University, graduates cum laude.<<<<

	Hmmmmm.  The name is spelled Aukerman, not Ackerman.  The dog
reference?  Frankly, the dobe, IMHO, is a little too high strung and barks
far too much before it gets down.  I much prefer the German or Hungary
line-bred Rottweilers, which is why Kaiser, Remo and Uwe make their home
with us.  Mascot?  Nah, they just park their ass on the sidelines, I
prefer to play.  Ignorance University?  Been there once or twice, kind of
a blissful place.  That course teaching how you should never type on the
www when you are shi*faced though, really got under one SOB's skin...well,
that is another story.

	BTW Scott, 33 South 6th Street. Anytime.