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Is it completely a sellers market for A4s?

I'm trying to purchase an A4 Quattro with all the extras right now and
am finding that Audi has a severely limited production schedule, as I'm
sure all of you Audi enthusiasts know all too well. Audi cars are a new
consideration for me, so I was quite surprised by the response I got to
my attempts to negotiate a deal. I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount
over invoice (5%) to purchase a car, since I realize that car dealers
need to make money to stay in business. I'm also not in such a hurry
that I need the car today, this week or even this month. I was very
surprised to find that dealers seem to be not particularly interested in
selling me a car, since I guess they have plenty of customers, and I
will have to wait for as long as five months to get a car once I've
worked out the deal. Am I just talking to dealers in the wrong area or
are they all like this? Can any of you recommend a California Audi
dealer (I can't buy an out-of-state car) who IS interested in selling a
car for no more than 5% over invoice and is interested in working out a
Robert Ridder