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RE: feul injectors (-10sp)

Try running BG44K if you can find it.  It is a really good fuel injector
and valve cleaner.  I got mine by swindling a mechanic at the local BMW
dealer into giving me some.  But, various import parts places carry it
too.  Good stuff, and I don't think you have to change the oil after
using it (I didn't).  

Dan Hussey
Madison, WI.

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>To: 	Mark&Michelle Sousa
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>Subject: 	Re: feul injectors (-10sp)
>At 04:27 AM 6/4/97 +1000, you wrote:
>>1. How can you isolate a faulty fuel injector?
>Take them out, take them to a FI specialist and have them tested for
>pattern and leakage.
>>2. How do you know if your cold start valve is bad?
>Same deal.
>>1. Hesitating startup. 2. Carbon fouled plugs 3. Heavy black soot build-up
>on exhaust
>Try running a can of Super Concentrated FI cleaner through first
>(change oil
>after). Follow directions - add to gas and THEN add gas to dilute...
>The Bentley gives good testing procedures, but without the right tools
>are literally playing with fire...
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