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Wheel bearing tool...anyone?...anyone?

Good Morning Fellow Listers!
	I'm interested in a European Car article from the August, 1995 issue. I
still have to do my wheel bearing and am looking for as much information
as I can get. Unfortunately out of my entire E.C. collection, the August
issue containing the Project Audi 4K wheel bearing article is my
ONLY_ISSUE that has been damaged and is missing pages, sooo.... Is there
any way a kind lister who has a whole August '95 issue intact could copy
only the second half(I have the first two pages, 72&73) and scan and
email, send snail-mail, or fax 'er on over?!
	If no-one can do that for me, then maybe someone can inform me of the
price of the mentioned wheel bearing tool kit(Part 94350) made by Schley
Products. The tools are supposedly of very high quality, are "a bit
costly for the average home user," and can only be purchased through
'tool vans' and the like, but with a "few additional accessories" they
can be applied to different cars. Is there a lister in the North East
who has this set already, or do a few other listers want to purchase one
with me? VTW, I don't have to be the keeper..I'm easy. ;-)
	Thank you all again and once again, sorry for the extensive BW!
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    JONES    Burlington MA      169K and making a lot less racket!
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