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Re: No flashing

I originally wrote:
> > I know - I used to think all Audi owners were knowledgeable of what
> > they were driving(the marque and its past),but I see fewer and fewer
> > Audi 'nuts'...most don't even notice me(How dare they!-owners of
> > newer(all :-( are ) Audis, they're an offspring of ME!). ;-)

Bryan Gunn wrote:
> I've never seen another Audi driver even look twice at my car ('85
> ur-q). 4000, 5000, Coupe, 200, S4, whatever. Never a second glance.
> Except for once.....

	Also true for me, except I should not expect it as much in my Coupe
since it definitely does not have the "Wow, look at that..nice! Classic!
- That car changed the industry..." oommphh behind it like your ur-q
does. However, like I said before, the other C-GT owners all at least
	My best Audi encounter was with a red Coupe(my encounter with Rob Houk
and his ur-q was a casual speed limit one - he knew I was no match) that
was in nice shape, but had 185s, the original size, on in the
summer...so I knew nothing had been done to it. We were runnin'
side-by-side in the 2nd row(I was 3rd and he 4th - in an oval race
set-up) of a red stop light. I hung slightly back before the green and
as the car in front of him started off slooowly at green, I was able to
hit the middle of the intersection at redline, shift into second and
spin my 195s encouragingly while steering to my right to go around the
car in front of me and cut diagonally in front the car that was keeping
him back and then finally chirping my tires shifting into 3rd leaving
him in the wake of my sound waves...YES!! Not that fast of a car is my
C-GT, but it is FUN! He caught up to me(I obviously let him) as I veered
off the main rd. and he gave me a "nice job driving a nice car" smile,
otherwise known as the humble "I was beat!".

> >         However, I will say that EVERY C-GT owner/driver does something ...I
> > think we're so happy to each other! Hmmm, I wonder then what it must be
> > like for ur-q owners. :-(

	BTW, I meant to type "happy to *_see_* each other"...

> I've passed about a billion other Audis on the road and I'm the
> one checking out the other vehicle. I don't know how many times I've
> said to the occupants of my car "nice Coupe" or "nice 4000" or "check
> out the S4". I then pass the vehicle in question (or it passes me) and
> that's that. In parking lots, I sometimes park next to Audis, and same
> thing. No one cares.

	Same EXACT lifestyle I lead in my Coupe! :-)

> Although someone did stick a "Nice car!" note under my wiper while my
> car was parked at the ZillionPlex movie theater in Burlington once.

	Hmmm, Burlington huh? I don't think I . . .no, I've never seen a ur-q
at the Burlington "ZillionPlex," but I have done similar things(I've
left notes, business cards, my mechanic's business card), but only to
heavily modified Audis that interest me.
> Another phenomenon I've noticed is that people who don't know anything
> about cars will sometimes talk to me about the ur-q. They'll be like
> "This is such a cool looking car...what is it?".

	I experience the same phenomenon(...only with my C-GT)...except I can't
impress them with some serious performance like you can. :-( I also
ALWAYS get from the passenger the inevitable "WOW, this car is an '86!!
Really, it doesn't look like it!"

> The other annoying thing is that whenever I see another Audi that's
> obviously owned by an enthusiast, I'm invariably riding in someone
> else's car! And there's nothing I can do except look out the window at
> it. Doh!

	Happens to me too!

	What's the big deal with cloning sheep, this List is made up of
*people* EXACTLY alike!

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