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Re: UPS SUCKS!!!*2 for Cdn list members

Greetings all;

 I agree with Jon here , in addition UPS delay every piece for 7 working
before it shows up in to your town. As there is no tarrif or tax to be
"brokered" since the  free trade agreement I think the whole setup reeks
of olde time 
foreign country process. I advise all Canadians to avoid UPS . Drive,
trek, dogsled or use another vendor including the Postal Service to get
service.                                      ( I'm feeling much better

Thank you for your time....

J. Sala wrote:
> Let me add to the steam:
> UPS operates their own brokerage at the US/Canada border (under a
> different name) which tacks on the appropriate tax/customs fees etc. to
> every piece going into Canada, plus a whopping big "handling" charge to
> pad their income. Use any other carrier besides UPS and you can dodge this
> hidden fee.
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