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'91 200TQ BBS Wheels FS

As most of you recall, my ' 91 200 TQW was totaled the day after
Christmas. I was lucky enough to find a new one and for about a month, I
had two '91 200 TQW's and eight '91 200 TQ BBS Wheels. I kept the best
four wheels and have since shod the "new" TQW with the OEM wheels and
Dunlops that came on a friend's S6. Peter Henriksen sold his V8Q wheels
to me for sno-wheels, so I now have four '91 200 TQ BBS wheels for sale.
They have P215/60R-15 93H Toyo Proxes H4 blackwall tires mounted on them
that have seen a bit less than 5K miles. Les Schwab (the local tire
King) had these tires on sale a month or so ago (out the door) for
$430.88 (I have the quote). My local Audi dealer (with a Q-list 10%
discount) quoted $2,132.00 for brand new 200 TQ BBS wheels. Total
package new = $2,562.88.  My rule of thumb for used is half, which comes
to $1,281.44. Your price: $1K FOB Spokane (you pay for shipping). Let me
hear something...