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USA Audi Advantage questions

I asked about these types of things when I bought the car.  My '87 Ford
Escort Pony (under $4K brand new) is still at original compression, due
entirely to 2500-mile oil/filter changes, imo.  However, the oils, engines,
and filters have all improved immensely, and they said that quite frankly
the oil isn't picking up much at any point.

Besides, those filters are expensive.  They'd better be good.

None-the-less, I'll still be buying new filters.

On a related note, Audi will only cover your alignment once.  i.e. they'll
only put it on a rack and measure it once in the warranty period.  Beyond
that is assummed to be abuse.  (I haven't used the once yet, but it is

>From: "Patel, Karteek" <kpatel@visa.com>
>Additionally, I confirmed a fear that the Oil Filter is only changed at
>the first 7,500 and 15,000 mile service intervals and then only at every
>15,000 miles thereafter (meaning at the 22,500 mile service, your oil
>gets changed, but not the filter).  This does not make sense to me.  Why
>wouldn't one want to change the oil filter everytime the oil is changed
>(other than the fact that the oil filter is rather expensive)?  Any
>This Audi Advantage is beginning to seem like a Disadvantage for long
>term ownership.
>- --Karteek Patel
>  kpatel@visa.com