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Re: Ripp 5K

Just wanna' throw some inflammatory tid bits about
the 5K:

Last year, Ross was driving around Staten Island
on 27 lbs of boost on regular gas for 6, 'yup 6 months
until his engine exploded. Let me tell you, them
Audi engineers really make their cars strong!

Ross and his dad were happy campers for those
6 months, add to that the sound of the blow-off
valve everytime he downshifts and you thought
a Pied Piper just landed on your street with
the sheriff firing warning shots.

We might not know what we're doing down here
in New York but we sure do know how to have fun!
Oh yeah! His turbo blew up 3 weeks ago, and so
Ned Richie sent him an Audi Sport turbo.


Thor Lidasan
'90 V8q (wife says: "corners like a demented rhino on
                      testosterone overload!")