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RE: Ripp's 5000TQ.

	<<My main focus was the writing of the article.  Granted those
mistakes may be
> typo's but when your in that business, journalism, better proof
> reading and
> knowledge of the subject is required.. Mechanics always check the oil
> level
> after an oil change right??  When sending a man to the moon NASA
> dosn't round
> off to the first decimal place after every calculation..>>
	Agreed!  Actually, something similar happened to the company I
work for.  We make Sales Force Automation software, and in the latest
issue of Windows NT magazine. there is a special section on SFA software
packages w/ a write up on each.  The articles were all written by
Windows NT magazine writers, with final proofing and approval going to
the company the article was written about.  Turns out that even after
all of our proofing, they still screwed up the article and the
comparison chart on our software, as if they paid no attention to our

	Anyway, at this point, I wouldn't put anything past the writer
of a magazine article.  I mean, who knows, the writer could have been an
absolute fool that didn't know how to write or what he was writing
about.  I don't know enough about the writer, or the article (no issues
of Turbo around this area), to make any kind of judgement.

	<<  Come on a stainless steel crank!!!  That's down right
insane, possible but insane.  That reminds me of a friends who "had" a
"twin turbo and supercharged nitrous injected" Chevy half ton that noone
ever saw cause it was soooo fast!!>>

	I think that the writer *may* have been referring to stainless
head gaskets.  Again, I dunno.  I agree that there is no advantage to a
stainless crank though...  I know for example, that some engines MUST
have a forged crank, such as in the Porsche 911, which has a forged
chromoly crank.

	<<  Consider the subject saturated and dead!!!>>

	Agreed.  cya!

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