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RE: Ripp's 5000TQ.

	<<Typos are quickly excused.   However a claim for a SS crank is
> on the ridiculous.   If it is true, then it really warrants more
> detailed 
> coverage to explain why.
> 	Now if the misunderstanding was because Ross is using Stainless 
> Steel head gaskets (yes, plural,) hence the writer's thought that the
> car 
> had multiple heads, then I'd start to pay attention, and again, want
> more 
> detail.>>
	I agree completely that the Stainless crank yields no advantage
whatsoever, as I said in my second reply to Scott.   Yes, I also agree
that it is *possibly* that the writer may have been referring to
stainless head gaskets.

	<<> 3.  The throttle body was modified "to flow more direct air
int the
> > intake
> Yep, I can only guess he removed the ramp on the butterfly.   Other
> than 
> that, the TB is pretty good, and actually fairly big at 60mm.   I
> looked 
> into installing a larger TB when I did the EFI swap, but the intake is
> exactly 60mm, so it would have required machining to open that up.   I
> don't _think_ that is a restriction anyway.>>
	I agree completely!!

	<<> Interesting paint job also....  

> I don't care how others paint their cars.   I know what _I_ like, but
> I 
> don't care what others do on their cars.  :-)>>

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