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Re: bombs and engineer's cars

Robert said:
> OK, so the brake accumulator ("bomb" 'cause it's pressurized with ~1200
> psi of nitrogen) reserves brake boost pressure for when the engine isn't
> running the braking system's hydraulic pump.  Now, why should I want
> this?  Typical vacuum assisted braking systems work for a couple of
> stabs when the engine is off.  Beyond that non-typical operating
> condition, why bother?  A local policeman told me that it's illegal to
> operate the car coasting in neutral, let alone coasting with the engine
> off.
You need the "bomb" ("bomb" 'cause it looks like a German WW II hand
grenade)  because at idle the hydraulic pump doesn't generate enough
pressure to drive the whole system (PS and PB).  When my pressure
accumulator finally died, under hard braking my pedal would fall to the
floor and the warning brake light/buzzer would come on.  The accumulator,
in my case was so bad that with the engine off I had no assist at all. 
With a new accumulator I have to pump 32 times to lose assist.  And that's
the way it should be.

86 5ktqw