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Re: What do Engineers drive?

I think the "Engineer" title has been used most liberally by the
Software industry.  The company I work for is a very good example of
that.  We give engineer titles to our tech support and "black box" level
testers (the ones that act like an end user and just play around with
the application).  If you asked one of these people in our organization
to develop a simple application, let alone a test plan that conforms to
IEEE standards, they wouldn't have a clue of what to do.

Anyway, if it's any consolation they_all_drive Toyota
4-runners...bleh!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will give credit to a couple of "true"
engineers (aka Software Developers) I work with that own 4KQ's and a
couple of 5KTQ's.  Our VP of Sales just traded in his electrical
nightmare Bimmer 750iL for a new A6Q, and loves it.  Then of course
there's myself, but don't get me started :-)

Best Regards,

Mark Nelson

Borealis Technology Corp.

SQA Engineer
Incline Village, Nevada
Carson City, Nevada

1990 Audi S2 Quattro (Building For SCCA Pro Rally)

Past Audis:  1987 5000CSTQ, 1987 5000CSTQW

<<It must depend on the type of work... or Microsoft will have to
all their "Software Design Engineers" (standard title to bring in
programmers from other countries...)

Likewise, most of the NW Software companies will have to change
their "Software Engineer" title.