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A6 Orders?


My parents are trying to decide what to do with their '93 100S that's
about to come off lease.  They want to get a '98 A6q, but are having
trouble getting specific details.  Has anyone heard when dealers will be
taking orders for the new car?  Audi of North Atlanta (new dealer) was a
little vague on this and also said the cars won't be here until
November.  I thought another lister was told they would be here sooner. 
Nothing like conflicting info.

BTW, the dealer had 5 or so fully loaded '97 A4q 5spds on the lot.  No
'98s and no 1.8tqm.  Salesman said the SE Region is holding the '98s
till the end of the month.  Also said they have sold a grand total of
ZERO A8s since they opened 4 months ago.  Meanwhile, I saw 3 identical
'97 740is within a quarter mile just last week.  Oh yeah, there are
about 15 M3s and 15 Z3s for sale in today's paper.  Atlanta's not an
image-conscious city, I promise...


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA (WMB Heaven!)