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Help, I'm an idiot!?

I was excited to do the first oil change of my A4 1.8TQ's short life. 
I bought some high quality motor oil, and had the nearest Audi dealer
(two hours away) UPS me a couple of filters.  Then I crawled under the
car and was very embarassed to discover I had no idea where the drain
plug was.  The only obvious plug is in the bottom of the front
differential housing and requires a special tool.  The manual was no
help at all.  It made no mention of seperate lubricant so I thought
maybe the moter oil served two functions.  I called the dealer to ask
for the tool required to remove the oil drain plug.  The parts guy told
me that the tool was a 17mm wrench and the manual only says a special
tool is required to scare people away from doing it themselves.  So I
crawled back under the car but couldn't find ANYTHING that is 17mm. 

	BTW, six weeks into ownership I am loving my car.  I am getting used to
the transmission although I am still not thrilled with it.  The
Continental tires still suck, though.  Five weeks and counting until I
get my computer upgraded.