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Re: Symptoms of bad Oxygen Sensor

Typically you'll have rough idle.

It takes only a couple of minutes to check (with the right equipment). It's
worth it. Bad O2 sensors can start some bad trouble like destroying
catalytic converters.

If and when you have the O2 sensor replaced, make sure they use a metric
socket, American size is very close and some techs just like to use their
good ol'' American sizes. These sensors can be very stubborn, the wrong
size plug will slip when forced too much, which, of course, can cause all
kinds of trouble (ever heard of having to remove the exhaust manifold to
change the sensor?).

These sensors can be tight enough that they will strip out the manifold
threads - don't ask me why I know all of this!

If the sensor is tight, most will eventually come out, if you put some
penetrating oil (non-flammable) on it every day for a few days.

Install the sensor with anti-seize but be very, very careful not to get
anything at all on the sensor part itself - it'll read wrong, if at all,
and you get to start all over again.

That's my $300+ bucks worth (if you need an exhaust manifold).