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'89 100 Engine Cooling and Climate Control problems

I am a new Audi owner ('89 100) and am having two problems for which any
insight is greatly appreciated.  Here they are:

1).  The radiator fan is not working and I do not feel comfortable
driving more than several miles at a time.  I am suspecting one of three
components (thermo-switch, radiator fan motor or wiring).  I have not
located a 100 manual and am trying to work with the Haynes '84-'88 5k
manual.  The radiator was recently replaced and the hoses look good w/no
sign of leaks.  If I let the engine get hot, there is plenty of coolant
overflow (I am assuming that this is due to the coolant expanding since 
the fan is not helping to cool.).  I tried to bypass the thermo-switch
to test the radiator fan, but do not know the 3-wire harness function. 
The 5k manual says to short the 2-wire harness, so I tried quickly
shorting pairs of leads (3 combination) without any observable fan
motion.  Any ideas (correct test for each component?) would be much

2.  The second problem is that the climate control unit is stuck on HI.
None of the control buttons (OFF, BI-LEV, COOL, WARM, etc.) work.  Only
the inside/outside temp. and celsius/fahrenheit buttons are working. 
This is an inconvenience at the moment, but will become a big problem
when the Atlanta weather warms again within the next week.  Again, any
insights are greatly appreciated.

Adam Dixon
'89 100