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Re: link rod for 90/Coupe? -Reply

I had the same problem on my 90q20v. The boot on the link rod pivot was
cracked and rust formed on the knuckle. The creaking was caused by the rust
and grit.

As a short term fix, I overhauled the knuckle joint. The creaking stopped.
Overhauling the joint is relatively simple:

1. Remove link rod; jack up car and remove the two bolts
2. Remove the rubber boots on the ball joints (two).Use a hook pick to
unwind the retaining springs on the boot.
3. Clean the joints using a mild solvent
4. Repack with high friction grease (CV Joint grease)
5. Reinstall

I think these link rods are inexpensive to replace....like $20 per side.

Hope this helps..
Mike Benno
> From: Ed Kellock <EKELLOCK@ecs-inc.com>
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> Subject: link rod for 90/Coupe? -Reply
> Date: Friday, June 06, 1997 1:35 PM
> I have the same noise on my 91 200qw.  Except mine seems to happen in
> warmer weather.  Sounds like the same thing though.  This seems to
> have developed during my cross-country travels and reoccurs on
> warmer days during around town driving/parking, etc.  
> Car now has 73k miles.
> Greenville, SC .......... 91 200qw ........... 87 Coupe GT
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> Ed Kellock
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