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MichaelS, Back on the Air...

Advanced appologies for those that don't care, but it appears that the
bozo that runs the E-mail system here finally got my account fixed.  The
number of calls Ann's received as to my whereabouts seemed to warrant a
post to the masses...  :-)  Anyhow, an update.  My Q is history, and
since I haven't heard word one from the guy who drug it away a month
ago, I've no idea of it's current state.  It's out of my hair, that's
all I know!!  Curently in my stable is the '91 Explorer that replaced
the Q, an '83 F150, and 2 '80 Scout II's.  But, I drive my old '84 5kS,
and Ann putts around in my Explorer (don't like the thing anyway.)
Hopefully within a year the Explorer will be replaced with a 20V 200Q,
but that's a different story altogether.  I'll be at the Pike's Peak
Hill Climb, sounds like I'll see a few of you folks there (Steve B,
looks like we'll finally meet!)  For those that have called, I'll be
getting back to you tonight when I get home from work.  I'm back in Ft.
Collins now & the number there is (970) 224-2384.  Sorry for the wasted

Ft. Collins/Boulder, Colorado
'91 Explorer
'83 F150
'80 IH Scout II
'80 IH Scout II