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Clean 85 4ksq maybe FS

Per my previous post you all know I'm thinking of buying a bigger q. I am
putting out the feelers to see if there is any interest in my 4kq located in
Santa Cruz, CA.

My car is Alpine White with brown cloth interior. Cosmetics, while not
perfect, are real good with the biggest detractions being some parking lot
dings (3), and staining around the sunroof on the headliner. Aside from that,
the car can be detailed to look near new at 13 model years old, has no rust,
and has been garage or car-port kept. It is a CA car. Miles are at 160k and I
am the second owner with all records since new. I have done the following
over the past 20k miles:

Suspension: new control arm bushings, strut bearings, and kyb strut inserts
all the way around. One wheel bearing done (right front) at this time also.

Brakes: New front rotors and pads.

Other mechanical: driveshaft front CV joint (done @125k), radiator, clutch
master and slave cylinders, all belts, all hoses, radiator fan switch, timing
belt and water pump just done, major service just done, running Mobil 1 and
is quiet (when oil is full...uses 1 qt./3k miles), tires are good condition
Bridgestone all season HR rated, center and rear mufflers-generic, and
in-dash CD player.

Known problems: Seat heaters need repairs (I'm lazy), windshield wiper/washer
switch intermittent, exhaust leak between cat and center muffler (?)...that
is it! Everything else works!!!

Since this car is in really good shape, I'm holding out for $3500.00. I paid
$4700.00 for it in 1994 and have put quite a bit into it since...hence I'm
asking high retail book. I don't feel that one could find much a better 4kq
on the used market...any interest? Drop me an e-mail if so! If this doesn't
work out, I won't be in the least bit sad to keep this car!!!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (maybe for sale)