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Aftermarket shocks for 91 200 TQ


I am looking for some performance shocks to go with the stock springs on 
my 91 200 TQ. I have look at the following 3 different shocks :

Bilstein HD - This would be ideal for me. Great handling and reliable but 
expensive. It would cost me almost $700.

Koni - Good handling and price is reasonable but reliability might be a 
problem. I go a quote of $450 for the whole set.

Boge ProGas - Decent handling and very good price ($300). The only 
problem is the place I called (New Dimensions) told me that the rear 
shocks only come with the stock set up which is hydraulic instead of ProGas.
I actually made an order for this but cancelled it after they got back to 
me with the rear setup info.

My questions are does the ProGas really comes with the rear hydraulic 
for this car (I know one of the 91 200 TQ owners on the list got it 
before) and does anyone know where to get the Bilstein for a better 
price than I got. Any comments and recommendations are welcome.

	Thank You
	David Tong